Simple planning of complicated things

Dotu Planner is a planning app for theatres. It will propose for you suitable dates for performances and send an RSVP to the whole team. Fast, simple and secure.

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  • Connect from anywhere

    App works online for every member of your team both on computer and mobile devices.

  • Stay in control

    Use automation and plan without worries.

  • We cooperate with professionals

    We develop the application with people from the industry.

Powerful planning features

Dotu Planner offers a wide range of tools that makes both planning and communication with you team much easier.

  • Automatic suggestions for suitable dates

    Select the production, place and time range (for example, from January to June). Dotu Planner will show you all the dates when the performance can take place.

    • Just 3 clicks
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  • Sending invites to performance or their cancellations for the whole team

    Dotu Planner will send the actors and other team members the invites. Each of them can agree or reject in the application or in the personal calendar. It is up to you which of the feasible dates and time you will definitely confirm as a performance date and time.

    • Invitations and cancellations for the team members sent by one click.
    • Feasibility of the performance find out at a glance.
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  • Clean and under control

    All performances, rehearsals and other events are in one place. Events can be filtered by person, production, venue, time etc. Production and technical notes for individual events can be shared in Dotu Planner with the team.

    • Export of the schedule into MS Excel
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  • Personal calendars for each team member

    Each team member has an overview of his/her responsibilities listed in the personal calendar.

    • On the computer, on the tablet, on the phone
    • No installations and online
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  • Other cool features in Dotu Planner

    • Performance planning respecting the personal commitments and availability of team members
    • Status monitoring in course of the planning process - proposed, invitations sent, feasible, confirmed
    • Division of the team into independent groups (actors, tech. personal, managers, ...)
    • Personal schedules of all team members - actors and other staff
    • Bulk events - sending proposals for performance dates and their cancellations
    • Work with time zones and conversion of time to the specified time zone for teams operating in multiple time zones
    • Sharing notes grouped into threads by topic, eg lighting, singers, costumes, etc.
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Our partners

We have cooperated with theatre professionals since the very beginning of the app development.

Klára Šalomounová

Studio DVA

Klára Šalomounová

The 21st century has finally arrived in cultural organizations. The DOTU application eliminates neverending compilation of tables, inventing keywords and coloring to get some overview over the theater schedule. The lengthy confirmation of due dates by e-mails is over and and most important - the complex combinatorics what, when, where and with whom it can be performed disappear from the work of production. Dotu Planner saves a lot of time and energy, and also prevents errors that can easily occur when planning. I think it's the best "employee" our theater could ever wish for.

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