Dotu planner

Tool for theatres to simplify event planning.

What we used

  • Frontend (React.js)
  • Backend (.NET Core,Node.js)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MySQL
  • GitHub
  • Heroku
  • Slack & Trello


The theatre world is a conservative sector where not many innovations occur. Yet we found some room for improvement. One theatre performance means that e.g. 15 persons (in different alternations) must be available at one time slot for the performance to be able to happen. Therefore the great tool, Dotu planner, was made.


During a few meetings with the first client we prepared the plan for the new solution. We were not looking for new functions but for issues that theatre face. So our tool is here for them and can save their problem. Later the UX designer joined the analyst and the prototype of the system was created. Within next month and a half we delivered the test version of the application to the first customer.

Project in numbers

  • 9
    team members
  • 4
    months of work
  • 14
    workshops with clients