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We are a small team that likes theatre and challenges. We have developed our app in close cooperation with theatre Studio DVA and other theatre professionals to better understand the real issues of this industry and apply appropriate solutions.

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We have cooperated with theatre professionals since the very beginning of the app development.

Klára Šalomounová

Studio DVA

Klára Šalomounová

The 21st century has finally arrived in cultural organizations. The DOTU application eliminates neverending compilation of tables, inventing keywords and coloring to get some overview over the theater schedule. The lengthy confirmation of due dates by e-mails is over and and most important - the complex combinatorics what, when, where and with whom it can be performed disappear from the work of production. Dotu Planner saves a lot of time and energy, and also prevents errors that can easily occur when planning. I think it's the best "employee" our theater could ever wish for.

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