Dotu Planner has been designed to save worries, time and energy for large organizations with multiple ensembles, multiple stages, and numerous acting and technical staff undergoing constant change.

The most useful features of Dotu planner for large multi-ensemble theater

  1. The application evaluates the availability of people according to their personal calendars in course of the planning of new performances, rehearsals and other events. If one part/position is alternated by 2 or more actors/professionals, the application consider the term as feasible if at least one of them is available at the given time. The application also evaluates the availability / occupancy of places, ie theater halls.
  2. Sharing already planned events and events under preparation with application users
  3. Sharing already planned events and events under preparation with your guests, vendors, and other short-term collaborators outside the app in a shared calendar
  4. Address book of team members and other collaborators. In addition to the usual data, you can also save documents for each person, such as signed contracts, pictures, etc.
  5. Sharing notes grouped into threads by topic, eg lighting, singers, costumes, etc.
  6. Sharing of general attachments, such as images, scenarios and other files
  7. Creation of calendars for individual collaborators or teams Work with time zones and conversion of time to the specified time zone for teams operating in multiple time zones
  8. Outputs into MS Excel

Dotu Planner significantly facilitates your organization. You get a great price / performance ratio.

Our partners

We have cooperated with theatre professionals since the very beginning of the app development.

Klára Šalomounová

Studio DVA

Klára Šalomounová

The 21st century has finally arrived in cultural organizations. The DOTU application eliminates neverending compilation of tables, inventing keywords and coloring to get some overview over the theater schedule. The lengthy confirmation of due dates by e-mails is over and and most important - the complex combinatorics what, when, where and with whom it can be performed disappear from the work of production. Dotu Planner saves a lot of time and energy, and also prevents errors that can easily occur when planning. I think it's the best "employee" our theater could ever wish for.

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